Zoe Summer

Artist, Author and International Speaker Who Enriches, Enlightens, and Inspires

Zoe Summer is known as "The Feel Great Expert" and writes about personal development topics. Zoe Summer is an Inspirational Fine Artist, Spiritual Author, and Empowering, International Speaker who shows people how to Live Life To Its Fullest!

It has been said that "Zoe Summer offers us Spiritual help, she is a Doctor to our Souls."

Zoe Summer is also the Author and Artist of the book "You Are Enough: 30 Mini Mantras for Self-Transformation, Be Empowered, Enlightened, and Inspired" published by a division of Hay House, Inc.

I believe that simple is the new brilliant, and Zoe Summer is masterful at getting right to the core of your heart in ways that only take a few minutes per day.

—Quotation from Forward by Tiamo De Vettori of Zoe Summer's book "You Are Enough: 30 Mini Mantras for Self-Transformation, Be Empowered, Enlightened, and Inspired"




There is immense added value to the paintings she creates

above and beyond

their beauty, meaning, and the vision behind them.

Zoe Summer is on the right of video screenshot, the Director of the gallery is on the left.

Zoe Summer was chosen as one of ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2016 by ART Tour International Magazine with over 2.1 Million Readers in more than 164 countries, 3500 YouTube Subscribers and 500,000 YouTube Views,  here are the Award details (the double-page spread of Zoe Summer's recent Art in the 2016 Award companion published book):



1) You Love Zoe Summer’s Art, it touches your heart and brings you an intimate experience of what she calls “When Art Is The Canvas Of The Soul” her paintings are exciting, uplifting and move you, giving you spiritual and emotional benefits.

2) Zoe Summer is an Art Trendsetter and Founder of “The Luxury Art Movement.” In Zoe Summer's frame of reference, the word "Luxury" takes on a new, more profound meaning, it is Art that a viewer can luxuriate in, and immerse themself, leading him or her to a transcendent spiritual experience.

3) What sets Zoe Summer apart beyond her visceral talent is that in her words she is a "Symbolist Artist who creates paintings which help people to meditate and feel their natural and blissful state of infinite love, freedom, and joy. In one word, my paintings make people feel Alive!"

4) Zoe Summer creates one-of-a-kind paintings, each painting is an original, there are no duplicates or reproductions! Therefore because she only paints originals there is the absolute maximum value to your purchase, compared to when Artists duplicate their paintings by prints or other means.

5) You want to be an Art Collector or are already an Art Collector and see the value of her Art, especially when you know the prices and value of her Art will only increase since her Art business is growing quickly and expanding and she is becoming well-known, therefore you are making a smart investment by leveraging your purchasing power now and then holding on to her paintings over time.

6) You can always add to your collection of her Art since Zoe is a professional full-time Artist, and if your Art purchases are for yourself the paintings can be passed down to your children and grandchildren as heirlooms.

7) Your home, office, or other building interior will become very impressive, beautiful and with a magnetic attraction—filled with a loving, uplifting, meaningful and high vibrational energy—by the presence of Zoe Summer’s paintings on the walls.

8) Zoe Summer paints on an exciting, dynamic variety of surfaces as well as canvas shapes, and a large selection of sizes so there is a painting that will fit perfectly into any interior, whether it is on a shelf in a tiny garden apartment, or the large walls of your private museum or the grand entrance to your corporate building.

9) When Zoe Summer creates a licensed product, she creates a different painting for that purpose only. You will not see your personally purchased painting on a T-shirt or wall calendar, she creates works just for that specialized purpose, which also gives you an opportunity to add her paintings into your beautiful lifestyle in a different way.

10) Zoe is very careful to use materials that will last over time, and that are chemically stable and qualified as “archival.” She also adds what she calls a “Renaissance Finish” which is a protective museum-style coating after she has finished painting the Art.


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Artist Zoe Summer at her Art Gallery Exhibit in New York City December 2015  



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