Zoe Summer

Artist, Author and International Speaker Who Enriches, Enlightens, and Inspires

Zoe Summer is known as "The Feel Great Expert" and writes about personal development topics. Zoe Summer is an Inspirational Fine Artist, Spiritual Author, and Empowering, International Speaker who shows people how to Live Life To Its Fullest!

It has been said that "Zoe Summer offers us Spiritual help, she is a Doctor to our Souls."

Zoe Summer is also the Author and Artist of the book "You Are Enough: 30 Mini Mantras for Self-Transformation, Be Empowered, Enlightened, and Inspired" published by a division of Hay House, Inc.

I believe that simple is the new brilliant, and Zoe Summer is masterful at getting right to the core of your heart in ways that only take a few minutes per day.

—Quotation from Forward by Tiamo De Vettori of Zoe Summer's book "You Are Enough: 30 Mini Mantras for Self-Transformation, Be Empowered, Enlightened, and Inspired"


Zoe Summer An Artist With A Soulful Vision

Fine Artist Zoe Summer named her current series of exclusive, one-of-a-kind paintings "WINGS" since flying is symbolic of spiritual access to the Heavens and of striving towards the Divine.

In addition, each of these four, prestigious Fine Art paintings in Artist Zoe Summer’s “WINGS” series is of an enchanting, magical, ‘winged’ creature.

Painting #1 is titled "Phoenix Rises In Triumph, The Answers Are Within" by Artist Zoe Summer.

Painting #2 is titled "Butterfly Alights With Transformation, As Is The Gardener, So Is The Garden" by Artist Zoe Summer.

Painting #3 is titled "Hummingbird Hovers With Timeless Joy, You Are Love" by Artist Zoe Summer.

Painting #4 is titled "Dove Soars With Grace, Heaven On Earth" by Artist Zoe Summer.

Each painting has a main meaning and stands alone, as well as a collective sequential meaning, each painting represents one of the four main stages of Rebirth, though the Phoenix means that on its own too. As a sequence, the main stand-alone meaning is: Phoenix (Divine Truth), Butterfly (Divine Light), Hummingbird (Divine Love), and Dove (Divine Grace).

The entire series of luminous four paintings feels elevated, there is a very strong ‘energy’ to each painting—you experience a feeling of elation when you gaze upon them—and it is visceral.

You notice the paintings are saturated with meaningful symbols, and it’s altogether enchanting.  

There is a fervent sense that nothing this Artist does is happenstance. Even what she does that appears casual, you quickly realize is not, it is soulful, and therein is her genius.

Her art is experiential, it’s almost as if it is interactive. This woman is a master of illusion with paint, technique, and light.

For example, as you view the third painting in Zoe’s new series "WINGS" titled “Hummingbird Hovers with Timeless Joy, You Are Love” the background of this painting at first glance appears a radiant pinkish-red-gold, but then if you move slightly and view it from a minute change of angle, the whole background reflects another color entirely, and that the swirls are hearts, and the manner in which she has painted them make them look like they are beating, pulsating, the hearts tie in with the painting’s title and her spiritual messages, among them is the main message of this painting, that we each are Love, that Love is our essence. You will see the central theme of Love throughout all her work.

There is extensive symbolism in all her work, here we will share some of what is in this particular painting of the "WINGS" series. A Hummingbird in general symbolizes timeless joy and eternal love. The reason she painted the very abstract Hummingbird, and refers to this in the painting’s title a “Hovers” position, is that in the world that is a natural position one sees a Hummingbird, however she also wanted in each of the four paintings of this series, to capture the ‘feel’ and energetic nature of each winged creature. And to Zoe, Love moves, yet it also “hovers” around us, and in us.

The very abstract Hummingbird’s body, in a shape of a diamond, is adorned with feathers which have all the glory of a Hummingbird’s reflective and colorful feathers. While the diamond shape of the body resembles a shield which is symbolic of protecting feminine energy, whilst the diamond symbolism itself means light, life, and the sun.

The shape of the beak she painted is true to a hummingbird found in nature, and to Zoe it also resembles a sword (which goes hand-in-hand with the shield shape of this Hummingbird’s body). A “sword” symbolically ‘cuts through to The Truth,’ and a sword symbolizes power and protection. In this painting Zoe is indicating that the Hummingbird’s beak ‘cuts through to The Truth” and ‘The Truth’ is Love, and that Love is power and protection. 

I make sure to paint a very slight imperfection in each painting I create, since I know that even what seems imperfect in Life is actually perfection.”

—Quotation by Artist Zoe Summer (ZoeSummer.com)

When you view “Hummingbird Hovers with Timeless Joy, You Are Love” and meditate upon Zoe’s words, it is as if you share this secret with her, and you are highly motivated to diligently hunt for this ‘imperfection’ she refers to. Then you indeed see that the right top rung of the ladder is slightly longer, ever-so-slightly. And yes, there is a true beauty to that, a magnificence, a courageous and confident artistic choice which is refreshing to see in a world out there of first impressions and no second chances, and we are reminded of what truly matters, which is at the heart of this Artist’s work.  

And it is no ordinary ladder, as Zoe explains it is a “Sir Thomas Ladder” a historical design which is also called the “Ladder of Love.”

She made sure the ladder has 12 rungs, which indicates a ‘complete cycle’ and the rungs are representative she says of degrees of initiation—the entire ladder a rite of passage—from a lower, to a higher state. The wings at the ladder’s sides depict victory.

Zoe Summer explains: “I believe the secret to life is Love, and that this ladder of love I painted is the ladder back to yourself, a reminder that Love is your essence—which is part of my painting’s title and spiritual message—“You Are Love.

—Quotation By Artist Zoe Summer (ZoeSummer.com)

She elaborates: “This number of rungs, or steps, 12 to be exact, is steeped in numerology, and when you add the 1 plus the 2 of the number 12, a tool of numerology, you get another ‘level’ of symbolic meaning, pun intended." Zoe grins and continues, "You get the number 3." 

The number 3 has many meanings, among them Divine Power, and can mean Body, Soul, Spirit, as well as Birth. Life, and Death. The number three also has deeply religious connotations of the Trinity of God: Father, Son (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit (Love).

The spiritual ‘journey’ of the meanings behind the Ladder, Wings, Hummingbird, and Heartbeat Background rise to a stunning Golden Lotus, located at the central top of the round painting—the climax—the destination has been reached this Golden Lotus symbolizing enlightenment.

The Golden Lotus has been painted with an enthralling artistry which Zoe Summer has created and named the “Jewel Technique.”

Her “Jewel Technique” creates a sculptural 3-dimensional appearance to a specific area she paints, it is a lengthy process which she creates with an incredibly fine-pointed paintbrush made of six bristles, if even that many bristles. The final results are raised images which favor jewel-like charms.

There is a feeling of empowerment when you view Zoe Summer’s art—it’s as if you just found your own 'wings'—with that one knows this influential Artist Zoe Summer has accomplished her intention.


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