Zoe Summer

Artist, Author And Public Speaker Who Enriches, Enlightens, And Inspires

Zoe Summer is known as "The Feel Great Expert."  Zoe Summer is an Inspirational Fine Artist, Spiritual Author, and Empowering Speaker who shows people how to Live Life To Its Fullest!

It has been said that "Zoe Summer offers us Spiritual help, she is a Doctor to our Souls."

Zoe Summer is also the Author and Artist of "YOU ARE ENOUGH" a book published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc.

I believe that simple is the new brilliant, and Zoe Summer is masterful at getting right to the core of your heart in ways that only take a few minutes per day.

—Quotation from Forward by Tiamo De Vettori of Zoe Summer's new book "YOU ARE ENOUGH."

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