Zoe Summer

Artist, Author and International Speaker Who Enriches, Enlightens, and Inspires

Zoe Summer is known as "The Feel Great Expert" and writes about personal development topics. Zoe Summer is an Inspirational Fine Artist, Spiritual Author, and Empowering, International Speaker who shows people how to Live Life To Its Fullest!

It has been said that "Zoe Summer offers us Spiritual help, she is a Doctor to our Souls."

Zoe Summer is also the Author and Artist of the book "You Are Enough: 30 Mini Mantras for Self-Transformation, Be Empowered, Enlightened, and Inspired" published by a division of Hay House, Inc.

I believe that simple is the new brilliant, and Zoe Summer is masterful at getting right to the core of your heart in ways that only take a few minutes per day.

—Quotation from Forward by Tiamo De Vettori of Zoe Summer's book "You Are Enough: 30 Mini Mantras for Self-Transformation, Be Empowered, Enlightened, and Inspired"



 Zoe Summer Is Changing How People Experience Fine Art

Influential artist Zoe Summer is the vanguard of what she has named, “The Luxury Art Movement,”  but in her frame of reference , the word "luxury" takes on a new, more profound meaning. For her, it is Fine Art that you luxuriate in, and whilst you immerse yourself, you simultaneously experience Spiritual Transcendence. These arts include, but are not limited to paintings, music, photography, traditional and digital writing, film, surfing, yoga, dance, witticism, and theater.

Focusing on symbolism, Summer creates inspirational and spiritually transcendent paintings. Her new series of paintings titled “WINGS”—is taking art to a higher level—indeed, she is giving us all wings.

“The Luxury Art Movement is about sublime Fine Art which you luxuriate in while simultaneously experiencing transcendence. This art is created with the loving intention of bringing the viewer a meaningful, joyful, and transformational experience, it’s about celebrating the beauty and ecstasy of life,” says emerging Fine Artist Zoe Summer.

She has a strong conviction that there is a need to bring spiritual exploration for enrichment of well-being, the origin of her entire “Luxury Art Movement”—subjects such as truth, love, and ascension—into the forefront of thought, emotion, and experience. Each of Summer’s inimitable fine art paintings symbolically reflect the psychological meanings of a person’s “inner life” which she believes is reflected in their “outer world.”

“Luxury Art is about harmony and unity, about a timeless connection to the viewer’s Divine self, it’s about making you feel exhilarated, elevated, and euphorically alive,” says Artist Zoe Summer.

Her new series of paintings titled “WINGS” is such a reflection. Each exclusive, one-of-a-kind work is on a uniquely-shaped canvas, her soulful images are a rich combination of symbolic meaning—which bring to light powerful spiritual themes and innovative techniques such as deliberate imperfections—sophisticated illusions with seductive, jewel-like paints, and opulent textural effects. Surprising forms which create depth and motion, are accompanied by profoundly perceptive titles; as if she’s a medium between the canvas and the final, remarkable creation.

Zoe Summer's captivating luxury art is a soothing, nurturing and comforting embrace in a time when art needs an uplifting and empowering visionary. Consistently merging both intimacy and a boundless sense of wonder, her inspiring art cultivates the viewer’s imagination, spirit, and passion, while simultaneously ushering in a rare spiritual awareness which brings nourishing knowledge, solace, and inner-peace to viewers.

My intention is for my art to spark, deepen, and enrich a viewer’s spiritual journey, opening a portal to the highest dimension of the beholder’s being,” summarizes Zoe Summer.



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